Contact Information

Contact Information

Connie Walker
South Bend, Indiana
Please call: Sherry Wenk
[email protected]

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All puppies sold oversea will be shipped with our transporter Becky to give your puppy the best & safest trip possible.

My Mi-Ki puppies are an exceptionally docile, friendly and playful rare toy breed. Being huggable, full of loving affection. Mi-ki’s enjoy people of all ages, they get along with other pets. They like to sit on laps, take trips in a car.

Mi-Ki puppies come in all colors, with two types of coats, smooth and rough. Also they carry two ear settings, dropped and erect. Average weight is between 5-8 pounds. They share a common ancestry with the Maltese, Japanese Chin, and the Papillion.

Contact Information My Precious Mi-kis